A few things most do not know....

I get a number of calls and here are a few things people are unaware.. Forage Radish. There are only a small number of growers of radish in the market. No matter the name the varieties are pretty much the same. Whether the name on the bag is Diakon, forage radish, nitro radish, or tillage radish, studies by the University of Michigan and The University of Minnesota show there is no difference. In today’s industry where fancy names and bags predominates, your basically buying the same product across the board. Winter pea’s vs Forage peas. So many people plant austrian winter peas for their deer plots. The price on these runs typically .70-80 per lbs., whereas the Canadian forage peas run .40-

Why Rutabaga may be Better than Growing Turnips for Deer

So many people complain about deer not eating their turnips or that they were woody. The reason for this is that turnips reach maturity in 60 days of growing in your food plot. If people plant them in a mix before the beginning of August, this can be the case. A solution to this is the planting of Rutabaga. Rutabagas reach maturity in 90-100 days. They look very similar to the purple top turnips, except for the rutabaga tends to be 40-50% larger of bulb. The Rutabaga produces a higher amount of above leaves as well, compared to the turnips. Rutabagas are sweeter and with the higher sugar content, they are a more desirable growing option for earlier season planting. They also can be planted i

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