How much Seed to Plant for Food Plots

Deer densities are a huge factor into what deer are eating, and figuring out exactly how much seed to plant can be a tricky topic for your food plot. In my case, there is way too many deer per square mile and I worry about the carrying capacity going into the winter. The natural browse is not enough. We never have acorns on the ground in November like some areas. I had a few conversations this past week on this topic. Every farm and case is different. This is why i always ask where people live and what is their deer density before getting too deep into what they should plant. I have clients where you might see 100 deer in a field eating and then 20 miles down the road, they are lucky to see

Premier logging trail mix

A premier logging trail mix will be introduced for the 2016 lineup. Most logging mixes on the market contain forages that are less than desireable to deer or will not last real long. This mix contains a blend of clovers, high sugar perennial ryegrass and meadow fescue. I am not aware that there is any mixes on the market that currently use meadow fescue. Meadow Fescue is much more palatable than fescues and it doesn't have the endophyte issues. It also is very shade tolerate and grazing tolerant. There is current stands out there that have lasted over 100 years. It is native to some areas of the US and is a very desirable grazing forage in the managed intensive grazing community. My backgrou

Can you Throw and Grow Over an Old Food Plot?

In July I planted over an old food-plot of waste high corn with turnips, also known as overseeding or throw and grow. The deer now forages in the picked field, eating both tops and bulbs. This only costed $5 for the seed and I hope someone will achieve success during the upcoming gun season. The turnips will provide a supplemental cold weather energy source as well as loosen up the soil, reducing compaction. So yes, I have had success overseeding, and I’m sure you could as well.

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