What Are Coated Food Plot Seeds

Many companies use coated seeds. They tend to claim better germination as their reasoning. What isn’t known is that many of the growers of clovers and legumes don’t use coatings on the seeds that they sell. Most companies now are forced to use coated seed to be cost competitive. Many of the coated seeds contain between 35 and 50% of the seed being coatings. The typical coatings being a bentonite based ingredient. The difference in price put on many price sheets in the industry shows between 10-20% savings for their coated seed offerings. The cost to coat seed is about only 3% of the cost of many legumes. So there is about 20-30% increased profit margin for companies offering coated seed. Ano

The Best Food Plot Mix for Whitetail Deer

On so many food plot forum sites as well as when I do seminars, people ask what is the perfect food plot mix for them to plant? The answer by the typical food plot company is......"plant xzy mix, it's the best on the market." This always makes me shake my head. The answer to the question should never be immediate or without asking a few questions. Here is the series of questions I typically ask before giving my recommendations on the best mix for whitetail deer: Have you taken a soil test? What is your soil ph and organic matter levels? What part of the country do you live? What is your soil texture? What is your whitetail deer density? How big of area do you plan to plant? Where is this plo

Grandpa Ray's is now an ULTRA PRO X Dealer!!

Grandpa Ray Outdoors is now an Ultra Pro X dealer. For those looking for quality products at much better prices than the competition on adventure and outdoors cameras. Check out the site. http://www.theadventure.camera/ Call me with questions, prices and how to order.

Christmas Specials

Grandpa Ray's Holiday Specials are here!!! A box of 4 food plot mixes that will cover 1 1/2 acres. Inner Sanctum, Mass Builder, Logging Roads and Overseed Mix. Normal Value $116 delivered. On sale for $100 or choose from any 3 of those mixes delivered for $85 Lastly, i am offering 2 bags of Ultimate Deer Attractant and 2- 8 lb bags of Ultimate Deer Mineral for $39 delivered. Normally that runs $46 All options are great for those who want to try a new and unique gift for their loved one's. Plus........$1 from every bag you buy goes to youth hunters education and disabled youth hunts.

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