How to Find the Best Food to Plant for Deer

Finding the best high quality food plot seed for deer starts where your current supplier purchases it. Grandpa Ray Outdoors is part of O'Brion Agri Services and the Independent Seed Group, a seed distribution business. We buy and redistribute many of the same seeds used in the Grandpa Ray's food plot mixes to feed mills, farm stores and agronomy centers. We are able to buy in volume and buy from growers and seed distributors that offer the best quality seed. Looking at tags when you purchase food plot seed is very important. Seeing the quality of seed that is in the mixes you buy goes a long way in determining success in deer management. High weed seed counts will result in a potential for a

The Best Whitetail Deer Antler Growth Supplements with Facts!

For those where it is legal to use deer antler growth supplements such as mineral, check this out. We have more phosphorous than the leading deer minerals. With ours being purified monocal, instead of 7% phosphorous, it's more like 9.2% based on bioavailability. We have many more trace minerals than the competition and in many of those cases they also use oxides, verses sulfates and chelates. For example, we have 10 times the zinc than Antler King, but since i use sulfates and chelates and they use oxides, the bio-availability is at least double. This results in us bring over 20 times the amount of bio-available zinc than Antler King. The 3 major components in building deer antlers besides

Food Plot Preparation Why Use Coated Vs. Non-Coated Seeds

I have been in the seed industry for 24 years and have sold both coated seed and uncoated seed. The industry has seen a movement in the sales of coated seed. Why is this? There are numerous articles and many of which involve enhanced germination and improved stands. Many of these articles are from companies who sell coated seed or University studies where there is some "bias" vs non-coated seed. Why is there so much coated seed in the market? Competition for sales!!! So many people buy based on price per bag and aren't educated as to tag reading. If you talk to companies that sell coated seed, off the record they will all say "price point" is the reason verses increased germination and impro

How to Grow Brassicas For Whitetail Deer

Perhaps the most often asked question i get asked to me at seminars is also the most common problem i read on sites is.."The deer wont eat brassicas i planted" and "how do I grow brassicas"? Here is my reasons why this is. 1) your soil pH is too low. Low soil pH effects everything from plant crude protein content to sugar %. pH is a factor in palatability of all forages. 2) Improper fertilization. Most in the USA use recommendations by corn-soybean agronomists and they push more nitrogen. The brassica genetics comes from New Zealand and i have posted on here before what the New Zealanders do for fertilizing brassicas and thats what i recommend. 3) Plant diseases. This is why genetics comes i

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