Benefits of a mineral lick

A friend sent me this article yesterday and asked me what I thought of it. I agree with a lot of what he said but then he became a salesmen for a "typical" company that pushes their wildlife products. Very average products at a very high price point. Again, another reason why I try to educate the public on how to read tags and know what your buying. So what is a great deer mineral? One that contains between 15-25% salt One that contains as much calcium and phosphorous in a close to 2-1 calcium to phosphorous ratio One that contains as high of levels of zinc, manganese, copper and selenium as possible and in the forms of

Soil, it's not just what is on the surface.

More people are beginning to realize how important having a proper soil pH is, but there is way more to the soil than meets the eye. I use to soil judge when I was in high school and even made it to the nationals. It was there that I really learned a lot about soil and how we need to treat it as soil and not as DIRT. It is really easy to screw up your soil health and much harder to get your soil back in balance. I attached a picture of a soil pit. When you look closely at the picture, you should see a layer of darker topsoil and below that would be the subsoil. Once your topsoil is gone, your productivity really decreases. This is why it is very important to practice sound conservation on yo

Herbicides, there is more than just roundup!!

Some of you may not know that i helped bring generic roundup into the US. But many of you are relying too much on roundup and your setting yourself up to possible roundup resistant weeds. Here is some labels for common herbicides that my clients have used recently. Herbicide Information Sheet Clover and Alfalfa herbicides: Grass herbicides: Clethodim label Select label Arrow label Broadleaves (read close) Brox label Pursuit label

Nutritional and Agronomic benefits through seed

Grandpa Ray Outdoors will be shooting video talking about each of the products that we offer. In the mean time let me explain the rhyme and reason between how I formulate my food plot mixes. As someone who belives in sound agronomic practices that will result in better plant health and forage quality, I always think beyond the current seed year. What I want out of a food plot program is the following features: Forages that are able to tolerate a variety of soil conditions. Forages that are able to be grazed multiple times. Forages that have a great disease package, as healthy forages are more palatable and more nutritious. A variety of forages that will fixate nitrogen, loosen the soil, supp

Aerating your soil....naturally

Some of you have aerated your lawns with equipment but many of you perhaps don't know that you can loosen your lawns, crops and food plots naturally. Whether your spreading humics on existing lawns or crops, the benefits are great and are relatively inexpensive to do it naturally. The other day I broadcasted spread dry humics on my clover plots and here is the benefits to doing that. Enhance nutrient uptake by combining nutrients and humic aid as well as keep a well-balanced nutrition. Improve the structure of soil, increase the buffering powder of soil, optimize N. P. K absorption by plants. Neutralize both acid and alkaline soils, regulate the PH value of soils, with the prominent effect

Food plot clipping info....

My background is in managed intensive grazing. The rule of thumb in the grazing community is "take half, leave half." What that means, is no matter the height of the pasture that you are clipping, you should always leave half of the forage. I have heard so many people say, "Oh, i clip short and the clover plot still grows back." My answer to that is we are trying to grow as much tonnage of forage per acre per year. The lower you cut anything towards the ground, the slower the recovery time. Here is a chart showing the effects of clipping your plots too low. Note that if you take 70% of the forage or more, you are really shutting down the plants. On a side note, the best time to clip your for

Nutrition, my background!!

I started Grandpa Ray Outdoors to raise money for youth hunters education and disabled youth hunts after seeing so much miss information and product selling in the wildlife industry. I have been posting numerous blogs and tips to give another perspective. What I haven't went into much depth on is my nutrition background. Here is my background and why I feel I can add some expertise and science to the industry. I started my own independent nutrition consulting business right out of college. Most people worked for feed mills and companies back in the early 90's but I really hated feed salesmen and wanted to help educate verses push product. I picked up most of my client base over all the years

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