Deer Mineral Concepts

Here are some basic deer mineral concepts. So many deer minerals on the market offer very poor nutrition and others are lacking palatability. Today, i'll cover some basics. Deer and animals in general do not like dusty feed stuffs and minerals. This is why we use some form of dust control on the products we formulate. You can accomplish this in your deer minerals by adding 10-20 lbs per ton of mineral oil. Salt regulates intake. Deer mineral is a free choice mineral. Free choice minerals need to be 15-25% salt for maximum intakes. If you have less than 15% you won't have the ability to repell water, as you need a little crust on top of your mineral lick. If you have over 25% salt,, the deer

Forage, Cover and Conservation

I introduced the Soil Builder mix in 2016 for many reasons. I can be planted from early April through early June and then again after August 1. The berseem and crimson clovers in the mix fixate nitrogen and smother weeds. The spring grains also give early season forage for the deer. The peas give great nutrition and fixate nitrogen. The buckwheat people overlook for the bees. The buckwheat in some areas people rave about how the deer move in and hammer it. This year we are testing a product called fast gro in areas across the US. The fast gro mix is my WARM SEASON COVER CROP, that contains sunn help, sorghum and buckwheat. You can plant that in June until August. The sunn help grows fast an

What we bring to the table

I started Grandpa Ray Outdoors after being inside the Wildlife industry and seeing 3 situations up close that were dishonest and lacking of integrity. When I began to read posts on forums and observe what the Wildlife seed industry and deer nutrition industry was becoming, it made me feel sad as well as frustrated. As an educator and expert in the field, I decided to start up G.R.O. to help educate the public as there was very few people who were doing just that. I have found many great contacts and associations in the past year but to continue to grow and raise money for youth hunters education, disabled hunters and wounded veterans, I need to get continued exposure. I perhaps am a terrible

Why plant oat as a sole source of deer forage?

As an agronomist and nutritionist one of the topics that I feel the public needs to be educated more on is the use of "buck oats" for deer. As a grazing specialist, I never recommend seeding down anything less than 3 species for anything to be grazed on because of mother nature. So many people buy a bag of oats that have a deer on the bag and think they really got something, as it grows fast and the deer eat it. Here is why I want people to consider other options. Forage oats will yield between 1.5 and 2.0 tons of forage dry matter per acre when planted between august 1 and august 15. Yields will lower as it's planted later in the season. Oats only test 0.45% calcium, .35% phosphorous, 16% c

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