Looking ahead to 2017

Grandpa Ray Outdoors is about education. If we are not currently the most progressive wildlife company in the business, that is our goal. We established an educational plot in the Columbus Wisconsin area as well as an Organic education plot in Hazel Green Wisconsin. We now have over 20 field staff members across the US and part of field staff members responsibilities is to help test various experimentals 1-2 years before possible release. We don't just put together mixes and hope and pray that our clients will see success from them. Our education plots are not beautification plots. We test forages in real life situations. We test on all soil types and everywhere from northern Michigan down t

Now and for the future...

So many food plotters ask me what they should plant now. My response usually starts with a set of questions such as, what did your soil test say and where do you live. The conversation usually ends with me discussing your goals. What I want more people to understand is how what you do now will affect the future. In today's blog i'll walk you through some things many overlook, in hopes that you will think more like a farmer. When you plant your food plots, people focus on what growth they see and base their food plot's success on the present growth but let's look at other considerations. If you plant your plot mixes and see good growth, how is that growth going to affect your plots next year?

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