Deer Minerals vs sound soil and forage programs

So many people in the wildlife industry are about fancy bags and wild claims versus science and reality. Sure, I have what is the most bioavailable deer mineral on the market, but it is not legal to use it everywhere. Even in places where it is legal to use supplements, here is some food for thought. This is another reason why you should look at G.R.O for your wildlife program. Example: Use XYZ deer mineral and have your trophy buck consume 1 oz. of it every other day. Use XYZ mineral that contains 16% calcium. 16% calcium x .0625 lbs. of mineral consumed every other day =.01 lbs. of calcium consumed every other day. Now compare to a healthy soil and forage program that has 25% more minerals

We bring science and technology to the table

I've been in the animal nutrition consulting and seed industry for 25 years and have always been an early adapter of technology. I always listen to people who bring new products and services to the table and test the products before adapting them. This is what I am trying to bring to the wildlife industry. There are numerous technologies and research that i have been a part of over my career that is overlooked by the public. Anyone who buys from Grandpa Ray Outdoors has access to me to review where you currently area and what your goals are for the future. Grandpa Ray Outdoors offers plant tissue analysis and soil testing services to help the public achieve success by proper fertilizations o

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