The Cycle of Life

So many people in the wildlife industry are about magic bullets and smoke and mirrors. The one topic I’ll address in today’s blog is growing big bucks. Here is my viewpoint as a ruminant nutritionist and agronomist. So many people think the use of deer mineral will put on added inches of antler growth and that is a very simplistic view on things. Most deer minerals offer a low level of nutrition and bioavailability. So many people also are not aware that it takes time to get maximum response from your deer nutrition program. A depleted animal will need 3-6 weeks to get their reserved rebuilt. It’s all about the groceries. You get what you put into the animal. If you are supplying only 10-20%

Create Your Baseline

So many hunters and people in the wildlife industry want the quick fix and easy route. That is not a wise decision long term. Sure, short term you might have success or luck into some positives but it’s not sustaining. For example, you could plant the best food plot this year and it might grow very well. You might also have an incredible food plot year 2, but if you are not giving back to the soil, what you have taken from it, it will run out of steam. I am currently seeing 90% of the soil tests coming back that are short or very low in soil potassium. I believe this is because many guys are growing good food plots the past couple years but they are not putting enough back into the soil for

The Math of Deer Mineral

The Math of Deer Mineral Let’s use a 130 lb deer eating 2.7% of their body weight in dry matter = 3.5 lbs dry matter per head per day.A deer needs a minimum of 0.38% phosphorous in their diet. If we have brassica, clover and perennial food plot sources and native browse that average 0.28% phosphorous, we need the following amount of supplemental phosphorous. Daily browse 0.28% x 3.44 lbs of dry matter consumed per head per day of forage = 0.0096 lbs phosphorous a deer takes in. Needed in a diet 3.5 x 0.0038 = .0133 per head per day phosphorous taken in .0133 - .0096 = .0037 lbs phosphorous needed supplementally .0037 / .06 lbs per head per day of deer mineral = .0616 (6.16% phosphorous neede

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