Food Plot Efficiency

So many of you are looking at adding acreage to their food plots but should first make sure you are doing all you can do with your current acreages. My goal for all of you is to increase your food plot efficiency by 25% or more. No matter if you are an experienced food plotter or beginner, you all can do better. Here is 10 things you can do to increase your growth and nutrition per acre of land planted. 1) Learn the effective planting depth of all forages you plant. Most clovers and brassicas are only needing to be planted 1/8-1/4" deep. Corn, soybeans and sorghums at least 1" deep. 2) Proper preplant burn down, both timing and effectiveness. So many people stunt weeds vs complete kill them.

We Educate

In 2017 we will have the main G.R.O Educational plot in Columbus WI. There will be a June 10th event, showing people 30 blocks of forages. We will once again have an organic educational plot courtesy of Mark Labarbera. This is located near Hazel Green WI. Yes, you can do food plots without using chemicals. We will have a new G.R.O educational plot located in Ladysmith Wisconsin thanks to JT'S Forest and Land Management. People will see each of the G.R.O mixes currently offered. For those of you out east. We will have an experimental and educational plot in Pennsylvania thanks to Paul Rearick. There will be a focus on clovers and legumes. In addition to the educational plots there are over 40

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