Food Plot Weeds

Weeds, Friend or foe? A weed is something growing where it is undesired to be. For example, if you are a crop farmer and you have a soybean field, having corn in that soybean field would be considered a weed. The key to successful farming and food plotting is not total elimination of weeds but the ability to control the negative effects of weeds. When I conduct seminars, I always bring up the neighbors 600 acres that were planted into warm season native grasses. They decided to buy seed from an organization that sells on price point. The end result is we are blessed with weed seeds being blown our way every year. Two year ago it took the state of Wisconsin weed experts 2 days to figure out w

Worth of your food plot

Do you know what your food plot is worth? So many food plotters don’t understand the nutrition value and production yield of the forages that they are planting. Today, I will discuss a tool that I have used for over 20 years to determine “value” of various forages, grains and commodities. The program is called feed Val. Feed Val was launched in the 90’s by the University of Wisconsin. You input current pricing for soybean meal, corn, calcium and phosphorous. Those current values are put into an equation to determine price per ton. I attached a picture showing various forages and corn to show a value of each of these items. I used actual sample data from 2016 from my educational plot. I used

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