Frost Seeding Food Plots

Frost seeding is a form of planting a perennial food plot that many overlook and more should consider. Frost seeding is where one takes a broadcast seeder and spreads seed on the soil surface. This is typically done mid February until Mid to Late March. The freezing and thawing action of the soil is how the seed gets into the cracks in the soil surface. The expansion and contraction from the freezing night time temps and the above freezing day time temps is the process. There are pros and cons with any type of planting and I will walk you all through both. Frost seeding allows a person to not disturb the soil. This is great for soil health. You also save on fuel, labor and equipment costs. Y

What is the best deer mineral?

On social media you frequently see people asking what is the best deer mineral. My answer perhaps gets too complex for people at times. In simplest terms, nutrition has to be consumed for it to be actual nutrition. You can have the prettiest bag and the fanciest name of a product but until the deer eats the mineral, it is not nutrition. Very few people understand what is on a deer mineral tag. The 2 most important elements on a tag are the calcium levels and phosphorous levels. Deer's antlers are made up of over 22% calcium and 11% phosphorous. Magnesium is perhaps the third most important mineral with sodium being not far behind. Deer minerals are simple math. The higher the numbers the mor

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