Food plot spraying

My challenge to everyone. I was on a property this week that had poor weed control, after inspecting his sprayer and watching him turn it on, i instructed him on how to improve his spraying equipment and techniques.We are seeing so much glyphosate resistance and many of you also are contributing to it because of inexperience and lack of teaching in this area. Here are some areas people need to get more fluent on. You want to spray with more pressure. The finer the mist, the more particles are being sprayed. The smaller the particles, the better chance more of them will stick to the weeds we are trying to kill. We want to mist our weeds versus drench them. There are newer and improved high

G.R.O. Research, Why it matters

So many people only look at the now and not of the future. Without knowing how the now affects the future, the future could be grim. Here is why I do research on everything i sell and recommend. When I plant and forage test various forages, I'm not just looking at the nutritional aspects but i'm also looking at the agronomic aspects of them. A forage test will mimic a soil sample. If your forages are low in nutrients, it typically is because your soil is also low in those same nutrients. When wildlife companies give fertilizer recommendations to the mixes you plant, those are generic guestimates. I choose to help all of you to fertilizer more accurately. This will lead to long term sustainab

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