Deer Holding Capacity

I get asked at times how many food plots one should plant. The answer I provide comes after taking a number of factors into play. Here are the areas I look at. Where are you located? Growing season length varies by location in the US. Heat units also vary according to planting zones. What is your current deer numbers? If one has 5 deer per square mile versus 100, that is a huge difference in forages needs. What is planted on adjacent properties? If your neighbors or corn and soybean farmers, that reduces the needs for summer and early fall forages. If the neighbors plant alfalfa and hay fields, that reduces the 365 day nutrition on our properties. If the neighbors don't plant anything, when


So many people in the wildlife industry from end users to retail have blinders on. Let me give you some more clarity in what I mean by that. The wildlife industry is product driven versus concept and science driven. To sell products there has to be a celebrity endorsement, fancy bag and a picture of a deer on the product for it to be sold. There is reality and there is smoke and mirrors. Here are some examples. How many times do we see someone holding a picture of a huge purple top turnip. The person who is in the picture may or may not even realize what they are holding. Are they holding something unique to the company that they purchased the mix from? No!! Purple top turnips are purple top

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