I was created perhaps a million years ago. I have changed a lot over the centuries. What I once was and what I have become has been an ever evolving process. Many actions and reactions have formed me into what I am currently. In the past century my "blanket" has been stripped off me as i lie. I feel so exposed. I feel so under appreciated, naked if you may. I once felt incredibly healthy. I was full of worms, nutrients, organic matter and bacteria, fungi and more. I was a powerhouse. I was so alive and strong. I felt like I could live forever. Low and behold, the taming of beast by man began my descent. I am no longer what I use to be. I feel the pain of being driven over repeatedly. I feel

Ask Why

Someone recently asked me how did I get to be where i am today in my career. After pausing, i answered "because I have always been skeptical." Here is what i mean by that. I have always been around really smart people. Growing up on a farm and hearing and seeing the salesman roll into the yard gave me perspective, gave me perspective. When I heard about new technologies or products, i asked why should i consider this. I then asked how does it work. One example would be generic roundup. I had a seed supplier approach me and ask if my clients might be interested in generic roundup. The price was about 1/3 that of roundup. In the moment I said that I didn't think so. It seemed too good to be tr

Seed Purity

I took one of my employees into a big box store yesterday. I walked him through some things many overlook when purchasing food plot, cover crop or habitat mixes, final stand density. Every forage has a recommended seeding rate in straight stands. When someone like myself formulates mixes, there is science behind it. Many companies fail in this. What I have put together for people is what i call a seed stand predictor. One can put in your own values and use it as a tool. The example below i cut out the company name, product name etc etc but this is a failure in my opinion and i'll demonstrate why. On the calculator i listed the recommended full rate of each of the 4 individual forages. I also

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