The Team Approach

Back in the early 90's a gentleman asked if I would be his consultant. This farmer had one of the top 5 highest producing dairy herds in the US and also did ruminant nutrition consulting on the side. WOW, I thought to myself, it's really cool that he wants me to be his consultant. A few years later I got a call from a 19 year old young man who said they found his father dead in the free stall barn. What a shock that was to everyone. This was a larger herd that had recently hired me to help get them on the right track. Instead of everyone panicking, here is what happened. A team was assembled. That team included the veterinarian, the banker, the agronomist, the young man and myself. We sat do

Tags matter

Only in the wildlife industry does tags not matter. How many of you ever go on a website and buy a seed mix, mineral product or foliar plant foods product without seeing a tag. How many of you go to the gas station and say, hmmmmm which pump should I use today? Does it matter to you if your buying a bag of seed for $30 no matter if there is 35% coated seeds in it versus uncoated? Do you realize that $30 bag of seed really is a $46 dollar bag of seed. So much for that "cheap seed" theory. Does it matter to you if the bag of seed has 0.10% weed seed vs 0.25%. Do you realize that one of those has 2.5 times more weed seeds in it? Do you not care if that bag of deer mineral only has 1000 ppms zin


4 years ago i started testing balansa fixation clover and even put the lawn mover deck down to try to stunt off the regrowth. It still kept coming back. 3 Years ago I answered the phone and replied to someone, "I bet i know what forage your bringing into the US." 2 years ago I started giving access to these unique forages to team members people across the US. Because of the abnormal rainfall this spring there was a lot less spring perennial plantings. I decided to not hold back until 2020. I've edited a lot the past 2 years, not mentioning exact names of certain clovers. I did this to protect my research. When many of you saw certain clovers higher in nutrition than others I'll reveal what t

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