What are you really buying?

Every so often I get someone who brings up the price of our freight online. We charge .70 per lb for freight as we ship UPS and USPS. The retail shipping price for UPS is over $1 per lb. but because of our shipping volume we get a much better freight rate, which we pass those savings on to you. I put together a spread sheet that should turn the light bulb on in a variety of ways. One could buy a 1/2 acre bag of Grandpa Ray's Mass Builder that plants 1/2 acre or one could buy a big box store blend that they say also plants 1/2 acre. Ours is .99 per bag less than theirs. If one looked at the tags, we do not use coated seeds in our mass builder and many other options have 35% coated seeds in th

Food Plot Genetics vs Management

A wise man I call “Dad” Once put his hand on my shoulder and said, “A great manager can take below average and make it better but a poor manager can take great and screw it up.” Here is the point he was trying to make. There are 100’s of different forages one can plant in your food plot. Each of these forages can thrive or fail based on your own management. Mother nature also can wield a hand into the success or failure of any plot in any given year. Many forages will yield 1000-6000 pounds of forage dry matter per acre during the fall planting season. The differences between poor, average, above average and great is up to you. Very few wildlife companies or individuals are aware of how the

Tag vs Final Stand

i have received emails this week on this topic. Every email I get from someone requesting a custom blend contains an improper seeding rate or final stand percentage different than intended. I attached a spreadsheet showing a seeding rate per acre with 3 different grains, chicory, annual clovers and radish. Note how the final stand percentage would be different than % of what would be on the tag. Very few people ever ask me for a tag, and no one ever asks me for final stand percentage. Many reading this may not care but do this....look at a tag, close your eyes for a moment and visualize how you think that bag of seed you want to buy will look 45-60 days after planting......Is your vision the

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