May 21, 2019

The wildlife industry and most food plotters focus on the fall when it comes to food plots. "They just want to kill a big deer." Even though this period is a time of attraction, in my opinion this season is not the most important season for your wildlife nutrition need...

May 13, 2019

Basic clover concepts

1-What grows the fastest, is the most nutritious early on.

2-What lasts the most years, takes longer to establish.

3-What tolerates wet the best, will test the more nutritious in wet conditions over less wet tolerant species

4-What tolerates dry the b...

May 6, 2019

In many places in the United States it's becoming illegal to use minerals and supplements. My third book I released this year was dedicated this topic, which is why I named it The Next Bite. Here is some food for though when it comes to the topic of nutrition for deer.


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