G.R.O. Staff

John O'Brion

Seed Sales since 1991

Independent Ruminant Nutritionist since 1991

Helped introduce generic roundup into the US

Guest Speaker for M.A.T.C adult agriculture classes

Wrote the book “From Soil To Success”

Wrote the book "The Perfect Acre"

Feature speaker at Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Sports Show

Feature Speaker for the Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Classic

Feature Speaker at the Louisville Deer and Turkey Expo

Conduct over 20 seminars a year across the US

Columnist for Legendary Whitetails

Columnist for Safari Club International

Cody Dulmes

Cody loves to hunt and fish. Like many hunters, his father introduced him to whitetail deer hunting, turkey hunting, and fishing. It's something Cody has loved and cherished for over 20 years now and has gotten into wildlife management on his property in upper MI. Cody has been planting food plots and habitat blends on his 80 acre hunting property to better the property and wildlife around it.


Cody came on board to help in creating videos and any other technical services Grandpa Ray Outdoors is in need of including taking care of the website. If you see any issues with the website feel free to contact Cody at

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