Canamaize benefits:

  • Short 65 or 69 day growing season.
  • Provides dense cover found attractive by upland birds, deer and waterfowl  
  • A high volume of grain provides a valuable food source.
  • With a short stature of 4.5-5 feet hunters will be able to hunt safely in CanaMaize.
  • CanaMaize can be solid seeded using any conventional seed drill, corn planter or broadcast seeded. 
  • Flexible planting rates make it perfect for creating landing zones for waterfowl.
  • Can be broadcast with other waterfowl favorites
  • Short maturation allows you to wait till marginal /wet land dries
  •  CanaMaize was developed to feed animals, deer love it! 
  •  Try broadcasting or planting CanaMaize and forage soybeans, deer love it late season 
  • You can also overseed fall food plot blends into Canamaize as it dries down fast, allowing less canopy. This is more conducive to overseeding.


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