I was pleased to have someone reach out to me who has been developing new varieties of switchgrasses over the last 3 decades. It has allowed me to help the masses with this common forage that is challenging to raise at times.


The biggest complaint many have is the slow year 1 growth habits. Another common issue is standability. Those issues have been worked on with careful selection the past 30 years. Three varieties that have evolved out of Cave N Rock and Sunburst I have access to and look forward to helping bring this to the US.  Their main advantages are exceptional seedling vigor, good standability, good height for cover, and it is fast to come into full production. They have been genetically improved for increased erectness and height as well as increased leaf width and reduced disease pressure There has also been selection for reduced seed dormancy and increased seed weight. They grows well on diverse soil types and have a wide regional adaptation to the Mid-West and Northeast regions.


One variety RC Big Rock was genetically improved for upright growth habit and increased height. The year 1 growth can be as much as 2 feet taller than standard Cave N Rock. When we get great vigor and the ability to grow taller and stand better, that is a winner in my book. Yes, I do sell these and yet I am posting this to let people know there is always something better in the pipeline. Some of the big concerns have solutions. There is limited supply. To ensure product availability I am offering a booking program that will end soon.


Estimated ship date late November.

premium switchgrass blend 7.5 lbs. (1 acre)