Spring bundle

1-4.25 lb. bag inner sanctum plants 1/4 acre

1-4.25 lb. bag 3 way annual clover plants 1/3 acre

1-4.25 lb. bag mass builder plants 1/2 acre

This bundle plants over 1 acre of food plots. Inner sanctum is my best shady tolerant blend that has 2 forages that stay green as cold as 15 below zero. The 3 way annual clover can be interseeded, frost seeded or overseeded into currently planted areas or added to a number of other mixes to add attraction, cold tolerance and yield. Three way annual clover will out yield traditional clover blends by 1.5-3 times. Lastly, mass builder is for those who want higher yields and forages that can handle a variety of weather conditions. The inclusion of alfalfa and chicory gives spring-fall attraction for deer and turkeys. 


Spring Bundle