Grandpa Ray's Ultimate Deer Mineral contains the most bioavailable trace minerals on the market. There is a correct ratio of trace  minerals to help balance a whitetails diet. This mineral contains salt, which is what trophy rock is. This product has antimicrobial,  antibacterial and anti-bad radicals in it. It also contains a salmonella, ecoli and clostridium blockers in it. It also has chelated (time released) trace minerals. This product also has something in it that helps repel flies and ticks that is organic.  Ultimate deer mineral also contains a unique blend of natural flavors, enhancers and attractants to aid in maximum consumption and attraction. There is NOTHING LIKE IT ON THE MARKET. Want to compare tags to what your using now? I am more than happy to walk you through it. Check your local laws to make sure if it's legal to use it in your area.

Ultimate Deer Mineral 23lbs