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G.R.O. Product Info

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Four Galore


Annual blend of forage soybeans, early growing soybeans, LabLab and cowpeas. This blend is fast growing and very drought tolerant. It handles a variety of soil conditions including a slightly lower pH than regular soybeans. Provides forage that will regrow after being eaten as well as pod forming soybeans for a late season energy source.


Conventional Soybeans

Forage Soybeans


Cow Peas

This is a non roundup ready blend. Do not use roundup on this blend! You can use grass killer or butyrac200.


Planting Date: Spring  *** Soil temperature needs to be 65 degrees ***

Seeding Rate: 40-50 lbs. per acre.

Available in 12.5 lbs. and 50 lbs.

Inner Sanctum


A forage blend of annuals and perennials designed to handle less than ideal conditions such as shade, low pH, wetter soil. It is G.R.O.'s choice for kill plots and staging areas. On good soil it will be a high yielder. The annual clovers in this mix stay green down to 15 below zero.


Spring Triticale
Balansa Fixation Clover
Medium Red Clover
Frosty Berseem Clover

Alsike Clover
Ladino Clover

Planting Date: Spring-Fall

Seeding Rate: 16-20 lbs. per acre.

Available in 4.25 lbs. and 25 lbs.    


Grains and Greens

Diverse fall blend of grains and brassica that will provide full season attraction. The winter grains will regrow the following spring. 

Winter Wheat

Winter Rye

Winter Triticale



Winfred Brassica




Logging Trails

Perennial blend of longer lasting, more palatable forages than
typical loggers blends. There are some less than desirable grasses to reduce erosion and over grazing of the trails. Will hold soil on all conditions. Tolerates wheel traffic and extreme shade. A very rough and tough blend. It handles both wet or dry soils. May be frost seeded.

Meadow Fescue
Creeping Red Fescue

Medium Red Clover

White Dutch Clover

Alsike Clover
Ladino Clover


Planting Date: Spring-Fall

Seeding Rate: 16-20 lbs. per acre.

Available in 3.25 lbs. and 25 lbs.

Smart Cover

Annual forage blend, ideal for first time food plotters and soil improvement. Fixates nitrogen, adds organic matter and weed suppression. Also provides deer with a highly palatable forage source. Will grow in both wet or dry soils and in lower pH soils as well.


Spring Triticale
Spring Peas
Crimson Clover
Berseem Clover

Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover


Planting Date: Spring-Fall

Seeding Rate: 50 lbs. per acre.

Available in 25 lbs.


Bean Blend - Enlist Soybeans

This is a 2 way roundup ready/liberty Link soybean blend. It contains 2 varieties of early maturing soybeans that are medium-medium tall. They will drop leaves 7-14 days earlier, which will reduce the canopy to aid in over seeding with fall brassicas. This blend contains inoculate, a growth promoter and a fungicide. This is unique to the industry. This blend contains a great score for soybean cyst nematode and white mold. Healthier plants as a result.


Planting Date: Spring  *** Soil temperature needs to be 65 degrees ***

Seeding Rate: Plants 1 acre.

Available in 50 lbs.


Bulbs Galore

A Winter energy and forage food source. Doubles as a shed plot. Should not be planted in the same area 2 years in a row. Rotate G.R.O. Brassica Blends seasonally. Rutabaga are slower growing than turnips and are sweeter and higher yielding. They also are better at resisting disease and insects.

Purple Top Turnips

Daikon Radish


Planting Date: Fall

Seeding Rate 6-8 lbs per acre

Available in 2.5 and 25 lb bags


Sanctuary Mix

Perennial Bedding cover mix containing multiple tiers of height for better standability and thermal cover than straight switchgrass.


Big Blue Stem


Little Blue Stem

Side Oats Grama

Planting dates: May-June 15, Aug, frost seed or dormant seed

Seeding Rate: 7-10 lbs per acre

Available in 2.5 lb and bulk

20180724_091704 (1).jpg

Pollinator CP42

Little Blue Stem, Big Blue Stem, Switchgrass, Blue Grama, Purple Prairie Clover, Partridge peas, white prairie clover, Black Eyes Susan and Culver's Root, Stiff Goldenrod, Gray Headed Coneflower, Smooth Blue Aster, Golden Alexanders, Wild Bergamont, Fox glove Penstemm, Great Blue Lobielaa, Narrowleaf Mountain Mint.

20180724_093345 (1).jpg


Minimum of 7 PLS lbs/acre of native grasses and 16 PLS oz/acre of forbs

Minimum of 35 seeds/sq ft

Maximum of 70% grasses by population

Annual Screening and Bedding cover mix. It will grow up to 14 feet tall. Enhanced standability because there is 3 tiers of heights.

Mass Builder picture

Mass Builder

Perennial blend of legumes and chicory for maximum nutrition.
The addition of alfalfa adds extra tonnage and longevity. This blend handles a variety of weather conditions. The berseem clover, alsike clover and medium red clovers are wet tolerant. The medium red clover, alfalfa and chicory are drought tolerant. This blend yields 1.5-2 times higher than many industry clover blends. It may be frost seeded.

Ladino Clover
Medium Red Clover
Berseem Clover
Alsike Clover

Planting Date: Spring-Fall

Seeding Rate: 7-10 lbs. per acre.

Available in 4.25 lbs. and 25 lbs.


Fall Draw

Highly nutritious annual forage blend. Multi graze species of clovers and brassicas with the sweet winter bulb- rutabaga to provide full season grazing. Ethiopian cabbage is the fastest growing brassica in the industry. This blend is more drought tolerant than traditional brassica blends.


Berseem Clover
Crimson Clover
Daikon Radish

Winfred Brassica
Forage Turnip


Planting Date: August-September

Seeding Rate: 9-13 lbs. per acre.

Available in 4.25 lbs. and 25 lbs.

frostydelightpic (2).jpg

Frosty Delight

Annual multi graze, fast growing, and high yielding brassica blend. Includes rutabagas for a winter energy source. This blend stays green into late fall and handles temperatures as low as 10 degrees. Perhaps the highest yielding and most cold tolerant blend in the industry.


Winfred Brassica

Forage Turnip


Planting Date: Fall

Seeding Rate: 7-10 lbs. per acre.

Available in 4.25 lbs. and 25 lbs.

Clover Craze

Perennial clover blend designed for frost seeding or over seeding into new or existing plots. It handles wet soils but does need adequate soil pH levels. 


Medium Red Clover
Ladino Clover
Alsike Clover
Balansa Fixation Clover


Planting Date: Spring-Fall

Seeding Rate: 7-10 lbs. per acre.

Available in 4.25 lbs. and 25 lbs.



Highest yielding perennial blend in the industry with yelds up to 7.2 tons of forage dry matter per acre. A blend of Alfalfa, Aberlasting Clover and Balansa Fixation Clover. Requires 6.0-7.0 soil pH levels, well drained soils and moderate sunlight.


Aberlasting Clover

Balansa Fixation Clover

Planting Date: April-May, August-Sept

Seeding Rate: 13-15 lbs. per acre.

Available in 4.5 lbs. and 25 lbs

3 Way Annual Clover

Fixates up to 200 units of nitrogen per full season and provides high levels of nutrition. Ideal blend for previous sod and grass areas. Fast growing, works as a nurse or companion crop with spring or plantings. Can be sprayed with grass killer and/or butyrac 200 to control weeds. Has 2 forages that stay green down to 10 below zero. Balansa fixation and frosty berseem are 2 of the most preferred forages by deer according to research at MSU Deer Lab.


Crimson Clover

Balansa Fixation Clover

Frosty Berseem Clover         


Planting Date: Spring-Fall

Seeding Rate: 11-14 lbs. per acre.

Available in 4.25 lbs. and 25 lbs.


Deer and Bird

Winter energy source and annual bedding cover for deer and upland game birds. It can act as a screening source as well as direct deer. It has natural weed smothering abilities as well. It also produces natural growth promoters for future crops.



Grain Sorghum

Sunn Hemp


Planting date: June-July

Seeding Rate 25 lbs per acre

Available in 5 and 25 lb bags


Fortress Mix

Annual Screening and Bedding cover mix. It will grow up to 14 feet tall. Enhanced standability because there is 3 tiers of heights.

Egyptian Wheat

Screening Sorghum

Pearl Millet

WGF Grain Sorghum

Planting dates: June-July

Seeding Rate: 18-22 lbs per acre

Available in 4.25 and 25 lb bags

20180724_094624 (1).jpg

Pheasant and Deer Blend


Minimum of 8 PLS lbs/acre of native grasses and 4 PLS oz/acre of forbs. Contains big blue stem, little blue steam, indiangrass, side oats grama,Virginia Wild Rye, Bundleflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Partridge peas, white prairie clover, Black Eyes Susan and Culver's Root. A short grass summer bedding source.

Sold by the acre.

We sell many straight ingredients as well. If you do not see what you are looking for on the shop page, feel free to reach out to us and we will provide you with a quote. There is not much we don't sell. 

Nutritional Products

Ultimate Deer Mineral


Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium                        Max                  19.00 %

Calcium                        Min                   15.00 %

Phosphorus                  Min                     7.50 %

Salt                              Max                  20.00 %

Salt                              Min                   22.00 %

Magnesium                   Min                   1.25 %

Potassium                     Min                   1.00 %

Sulfur                            Min                    1.00 %

Copper                          Min               1,250 ppm

Selenium                       Min                   26 ppm

Zinc                              Min                 5,000 ppm

Manganese                    Min               5,000 ppm

Iron                                Min               1,500 ppm

Iodine                            Min                    50 ppm

Vitamin A                        Min         150,000 IU/LB

Vitamin D                      Min              40,000 IU/LB

Vitamin E                      Min                   500 IU/LB



Monocalcium Phosphate. Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Sulfate, Sulfur, Yeast Culture, Zinc Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Iron Sulfate. Copper Sulfate, Mineral Oil, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, Dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, Dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, Dried Bifidobacterium longum fermentation product, Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, Hydrolyzed yeast, Selenium Yeast,  Dry Cane Molasses, Mineral Oil, Zinc Polysaccaride,  Manganese  Polysaccaride, Copper Polysaccaride,  Vitamin E Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D Supplement, Sodium Selenite, Ethlenedimine dihydriodide, Cobalt Sulfate, Natural and Artificial Flavors


25 lb bag

Ultimate Attractant- 3 Bag Bundle

A natural blend of four flavors and a carrier which helps the flavors linger in the spot where you place it. You also can mix 1-2 lbs. Ultimate Attractant with 50-100 lbs of corn or supplement to add extra attraction abilities. You also can put down 1/2 lb-1 lb. per area where you want to get deer to stop. It also can be used to keep deer coming back to deer mineral licks even when deer are in low mineral utilization times during the year. 

This same flavor base John uses on all products he formulates. It's science. It works. 

3 - 2.5 lb bags


9-4-9 Plant Food

9-4-9 Micro Pac is a liquid foliar plant food containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, humics, boron, zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt. The trace minerals are chelated with EDTA to aid in ease of absorption and utilization. It is a cost effective, easy to apply product that enhances food plots, soybean, corn, hay fields and pastures as well as lawn and gardens. Use 1-2 quarts per acre or 1-3 oz. per gallon of water.


Benefits include:

  • Reduces crop stresses and plant diseases

  • Provides a higher leaf to stem ratio for improved nutrition

  • Increases yield per acre

  • The humic acid conditions the soil and reduces compaction

  • Provides key nutrients during vegetative stage

  • Is a great companion with your herbicide, pesticide or fungicide applications

  • Aids attraction



 Available in 32 oz and 1 gal sizes

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