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Build Your Own Deer Mineral

In areas where it is legal to use deer mineral, here is an economic option for you. B.Y.O Deer Base. Build your own deer base is designed to make your own deer mineral using individual ingredients or you can add it to either your current mineral to make it more fortified. You can also add it to a basic free choice mineral.

Here is some options:

Basic mineral formula 1

Dicalcium Phosphate 17.5 lbs

B.Y.O Deer Base 2.5 lbs

Salt 5.0 lbs

Basic Mineral formula 2

Monocalcium phosphate 8.5 lbs

calcium carbonate 9.0 lbs

B.Y.O Deer Base 2.5 lbs

Salt 5.0 lbs

Add to free choice mineral

20:10 mineral 50 lbs

B.Y.O Deer Base 2.5 lbs

Salt 12.5 lbs

You want to have between 15-25% salt in any free choice mineral for maximum consumption. Salt regulates intake. Too much salt and you will limit total intake of mineral. Not enough salt and it won't be as weather proof nor will it be as palatable. Calcium and phosphorous are the two biggest components of antler growth after protein. You want to get as much calcium and phosphorous into a deer as possible. B.Y.O Deer Base also contains, magnesium, sulfur, potassium as well as all the essential trace minerals and vitamins needed by deer. There also is 5 flavors that are natural to deer.

Dig a whole 2-3" deep by about 3 feet across. Dump no more than 25 lbs per deer lick per application, Lightly kick a little dirt on top of the mineral to make it apear as natural as possible. The best place to put a deer lick is near your closest water holes, ponds or water sources and near your food plots.