Warm Season Native Grasses

October 23, 2017

An overlooked part of a successful wildlife program is native grasses. Deer need food, water and cover. In areas where there is not enough effect woods cover, this is an option to create cover in 1-2 years were as it takes many years to establish a new forest or woods. Grandpa Ray Outdoors works with numerous local and state NRCS agencies and dealers that work with end users. We will focus more of our education in 2018 on warm season native grasses. Here are some of the standard blends that we sell.


CP2 MIX: Native grasses 3.9 pls lbs./acre Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Indiangrass Sideoats Grama, Canada Wildrye. Forbs 12.2 pls oz./acre Black-Eyed Susan, Evening Primrose, Giant Hyssop, Lance-Leaf Coreopsis, Ox-eye Sunflower, Purple Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, New England Aster, Common Milkweed.  $190 per acre


Pheasant and Bird Mix: Native grasses 4.1 pls lbs./acre. Big Bluestem Canada Wildrye, Indiangrass, Little Bluestem, Side oats Grama, Switchgrass Forbs: 11.9 pls. oz./acre Black-Eyed Susan, Bergamot, Evening Primrose, Heath Aster, Lance-Leaf Coreopsis,  Ox-eye Sunflower, Partridge Pea, Purple Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, White Prairie Clover, Yellow Coneflower, Stiff Goldenrod     $127 per acre


Pollinator Mix: Native Grasses 2.1 pls.lbs/acre.  Little Bluestem, Sideoats Grama. Forbs: 34.8pls oz./acre. Bergamot, Black-Eyed Susan, Culver's Root Evening Primrose Foxglove Beardtongue Giant Hyssop Heath Aster Ox-eye Sunflower Partridge Pea Purple Coneflower Lance-Leaf Coreopsis Stiff Goldenrod White Prairie Clover Purple Prairie Clover Common Milkweed Prairie Cinquefoil Yellow Coneflower      $375 per acre


CP25 Mix: Native Grasses 2.5 pls.lbs/acre. Big Bluestem, Canada Wildrye, Indiangrass, Little Bluestem, Sideoats Grama  Forbs: 19.0 pls. oz/acre. Black-Eyed Susan, Evening Primrose, Lance-Leaf Coreopsis, Ox-eye Sunflower, Partridge Pea, Purple Coneflower, White Prairie Clover, Yellow Coneflower, Stiff Goldenrod, Bergamot, Common Milkweed.   


Quail Mix: Native Grasses: Sideoats Grama Canada Wild Rye, Little Bluestem, Indiangrass Forbs:  Purple Prairie Clover, Purple Coneflower, Western Sunflower, Roundheaded Bush Clover, Yellow Coneflower, Blackeyed Susan, Stiff Goldenrod    $250 per acre


Permablend: 7.5 pls. lbs/acre Switchgrass, Big Blue Stem, Indiangrass, Sideoats grama, Little Blue Stem.  $120 per acre






To order these mixes email us at grandparays365@gmail.com or call John at 608-235-0628 

Prices are subject to change.




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