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Plan for Success

The first question I see asked by people on social media or at events is "What should I plant?" I normally pause for a moment before continuing. I then either email or ask the person several questions to get a better handle of what they are working with. I want to get a handle on their needs and goals. The result would be a vision for long term success.

Seed is a start, but seed's importance is from when one plants it until it germinates. At that point their job is done. That is when roots become the "engine." As the forage grows, there are various factors that come into play as to the success of the planting. Here is what I want people to consider, beyond the seed.

1) Geographic location in the US.

2) Physical location and description on one's property.

A) Is the area sloped?

B) Is the area shady?

C) Is the area in a wet area?

D) Is the area an open field?

3) How large of area is intended to be planted?

4) What are the surrounding properties like?

A) Do they plant ag fields?

B) Do they plant food plots?

C) Do they manage their properties?

5) What equipment do you have?

6) What experience level do you have with planting?

7) What are your current deer density numbers?

8) How much surrounding deer hunting pressure is there?

9) Have you taken any recent soil samples?

10) What are your goals?