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2019 Bow season harvest- Minnesota

Grains and greens 2019 in Michigan.

 Tim Tibbits from Tibbits Archery and Ultimate Habitat Creations. He is a G.R.O. Dealer in SW Wisc.

I got the opportunity to meet and talk with you at Mickelson's while buying a few of your seed mixes this past week.  I just wanted to email you a few pictures of a plot planted in your seed mix, Mass Builder, that my dad and I planted on May 5. It started off slow but after a few warm days and a few good rains, have caused it to really explode in growth.  I'm very impressed with its progress so far and look forward to enjoying this plot along with the other mixes of yours I still have yet to plant for years to come. Thank you for taking time out your schedule to discuss food plotting.  It's always a pleasure to talk with someone such as yourself who has a real passion for wildlife and wildlife management. 


Thanks again,

Codey Bratz

I just wanted to say thank you for making such an awesome liquid fertilizer for our food plots in Upper MI! I had purchased the Grandpa Ray 9-4-9 and sprayed it on our soybeans, clover and chicory/clover mix. About a month later we checked the plots and were amazed as to how much they grew and how thick the food plots had gotten. These are the best results to date that we have gotten on our food plots. This is a fertilizer I will be using all the time moving forward! I had attached some pictures to show you how nice they had come in. The clover and chicory/clover mix were planted this spring and it usually takes a year before it gets this good, but after using the 9-4-9 it came in awesome the same year it was planted! If you want to share this on Facebook so others know that this really is the stuff to buy, I would be more than happy that you did. I feel others need to know how good this product works.

Thanks again for providing such a great fertilizer!

Cody Dulmes

I started putting in food plots approximately 15 yrs. ago. My soil is sandy and I plant "staging" plots for the deer inside my woods. Never have I had to cut my clover because it had grown too high. Last year I started using the Grandpa Ray 9-4-9 plant food on this 2 yrs. old clover plot. I had to cut it 3 times!!! I decided to see if it was a fluke that this happened, so am again using the 9-4-9 this year and as you can see the plot is nearing cutting height in this early June pic. This stuff works!!!


Lee Schneider
Boot Trac Adventures

Take a look at these photos from our Full Draw food plot. I planted the food plot at the end of August. I thought I was about 2 weeks too late, I guess not, it looks great! The first photo is an 8 pointer, 18” inside spread or wider, 3.5 year old. The second photo is another 8 pointer, 16” (maybe 17”), and 3.5 year old – take a look at that body.

James Lanier
Waunakee, WI 

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